Palomino Blackwing Volumes 10001 Pencil Set

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A special edition Blackwing pencil that pays tribute to a master puzzle maker.

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Back in 2004, Tetsuya Miyamoto had a goal: to improve his mathematics student’s problem solving and logic skills. He believed the best way to solve problems was through working them out yourself; a method he describes as “The Art of Teaching without Teaching.” In order to help his students develop these skills, Miyamoto invented the now well-known math puzzle called KenKen®. Today KenKen® is the only puzzled printed daily alongside the New York Times Crossword Puzzle.

The Blackwing Volume 10001 (壱万壱) pays tribute to both the puzzle and Miyamoto’s teaching philosophy. The number comes from the idea of palindromes which plays into many of Miyamoto’s favorite equations. (10001 in both its Japanese and Arabic forms is palindromic!) The pencil itself features a barrel that is stained red, leaving the wood grain visible. It has firm graphite, gold imprint and a unique five-sided “Gōkaku pencil” shape.

Each set contains 12 limited edition pencils.

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