Blackwing Volume 42 Pencil Set



Blackwing pays tribute to a breaker of barriers regardless of the obstacles in his way.

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Long before the baseball world knew of Jackie Robinson as a great baseball player, he was engaged in the fight for civil rights. In 1944, while riding on a bus, he refused to make way for a white passenger. His refusal earned him a court martial for “behaving with disrespect” and “willful disobedience of lawful command.” He was acquitted of these “crimes” but was honorably discharged anyway. It was three short years later that he was being called up tot he majors by the Brooklyn Dodgers, becoming the first player of color to play in that league and effectively breaking the color barrier.

The Volume 42 is a tribute to Jackie Robinson and the barriers he broke. It features our balanced graphite, white barrel, blue imprint and eraser, and “road gray” ferrule. It is imprinted with a red #42, the jersey number of this iconic history maker. Replacement erasers are available in a variety of colors. Each sturdy and beautifully designed box includes one dozen pencils.

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Dimensions 8.375 × 2.75 × 0.75 in
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Japanese Graphite

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Incense Cedar

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