ystudio Brassing Sketching Pencil

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Super modern 'brassing' effect makes the ystudios sketching pencil truly one-of-a-kind.

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What is brassing? It’s an effect made famous by vintage cameras. You know when the black paint wears away over time and reveals the brass beneath? That’s brassing. And now ystudio has created the Brassing Collection to pay homage to those beautifully weathered cameras.

By coating them with the same specialized black paint used on cameras, ystudio’s solid brass sketching pencil allows you to create a unique and personalized brassing effect of your own. See what happens with use and time. Or accelerate the brassing affect with the fine sand paper provided. The interplay of customization – and the appreciation of aging through long time use – is at the heart of ystudio’s philosophy.

Each writing tool from ystudio is created by using the scorching heat of a 1,000° traditional Taiwanese furnace. The collection is characterized by modern design mixed with decades of metalwork mastery.

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