Ellepi Klizia 97 Tarmac Gold Stapler



This special edition Klizia 97 lends a mid-century modern look to the classic Ellepi stapler.

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With the same craftsmanship as the Klizia 97 stapler, this special edition stapler sports a gold base and textured “Tarmac” black finish which provide are eye-catching and modern appearance. Produced in a tiny 4-person factor right outside Milan, the Klizia 97 stapler is a classic. The durable metal frame, powder-coated finish and clever rear-loading mechanism make this stapler the perfect blend of elegance, fun and craftsmanship. Each stapler is assembled, checked and tested by hand. Includes one pack of 1000 mini staples, each with a stapling capacity of 16 sheets.

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Dimensions 6.125 × 2.625 × 1 in
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6¼ x 2¾ x ¾ inches


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