Draw Like an Artist: Pop Art By Patricia Geis



Bring the playfulness of the Pop Art movement into your life with this latest edition of Draw Like an Artist.

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When Pop Art burst on the art scene in the 1950s as a reaction against abstract expressionism, it found instant favor with its colorful use of images from advertising, signs, soup cans, Coke bottles, and even comic strips. The playfulness is front and center in Draw Like an Artist: Pop Art, a collection of 18 fun and colorful activities for aspiring Warhols, Hockneys, and Lichtensteins ages 10 and up, or anyone who enjoys working with color, pattern, and pop-culture imagery, and gaining a better understanding of the 20th century’s most popular art movement. Sixteen perforated pages provide plenty of raw material for collage, drawing backgrounds, and inspiration.

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Feb 20, 2018




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