Areaware Dymaxion Globe



Watch as earth transitions form flat to three dimensional with the Dymaxion folding globe.



The folks at Areaware have brought another innovative toy to your life. This time in the form of a magnetic folding globe. Fold it to make a geometric globe or lay it flat to reveal our planet in flattened form. The globe is made of a super-strong synthetic paper and is available in four Earth color options, or with the image of the moon.

This globe is derived from a map first patented in 1946 which presented geographic information without breaks the earth’s contours nor any visible distortion of the land masses pictured. Then, in 1954, the Dymaxion Projection—the very one used on this globe—was hand drawn by architect/cartographer/collaborator Shoji Sadao. Now, Areaware has applied these two forms to a magnetic folding globe– fun for kids and adults alike.

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Dimensions when folded

3.25” x 3” x 3.75"


Synthetic paper and magnets

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