SIWA Slim Pen Case



This minimal case fits pens and pencils snugly without any unnecessary bulk. It is crafted from an innovative Japanese paper product that is soft, flexible, highly water resistant, and strong.



SIWA’s Pen + Pencil Case fits the writing utensils you need without adding bulk to your load. The crumpled texture of the paper gives the appearance of weathered leather, yet the material is pleasingly soft, lightweight, and flexible.

This product is made out of an innovative new material developed by washi papermaker ONAO and designer Naoto Fukasawa. Together, they teamed up to create SIWA Paper Accessories, a line of functional products in hard-to-tear Hi-Tec paper, known as Naoron. It is soft, flexible, highly water resistant, and strong.

Additional information

Weight 0.02 lbs
Dimensions 7.75 × 1.5 × 0.25 in
Brand Name

SIWA Paper Accessories

Country of Origin


Item Material

Naoron Paper


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