Off in Space with Mayday Press!

Off in Space with Mayday Press!

Space? Love it! And I’m not talking outer space. (Even though I love that, too.) I’m talking about my studio space – a space that found me when I didn’t even know I was looking.

Sitting among the blustery hills of a quaint (but totally in touch) Wisconsin town, the Mayday Press studio resides in a rustic stone building, built in the olden days of 1878. It’s warm, inviting, open – and a serendipitous fit for my oldster printing presses.

In this charming atmosphere with its abundance of natural light, I have found the perfect backdrop for thinking and making. An inspired and productive space, it’s quickly become my creative center – an environment grounded in history that gives flight to my new ideas.

The best part? It’s my home sweet studio as well as my home sweet home – a big old, beautiful building that does double duty, because my family and I live here, too. My wife and son pop in and out to visit as they please, which is super-fantastic and 100% worth the little distractions.

Hearing my son’s jumping and fancy footwork thunder above me as I work makes me feel lucky to share this studio space with him. How cool that he sees me operate the heavyweight Heidelberg? Not many sons see their Mamas work on a machine of that size and speed. We even do projects, like printing his Valentine’s cards, together.

The potential in my studio and in this little southwestern Wisconsin town feels limitless. It’s what drew us to Mineral Point in the first place. We took a trail ride through town one Saturday, found the building of our dreams and discovered what we were looking for without knowing that we were looking.

We fell immediately in love with the cosmic pull of this cool, artsy town. Like the center of some strange universe, there is so much creative substance in this tiny, out-of-the-way place. Sometimes, you just can’t fight the feeling.

In this small circle of the world, we have found a flourishing community of amazing artists, talented musicians and creatives of all types. It’s truly nice to be surrounded by such like-minded people. And the studio, itself, is my haven within the haven. It’s the perfect place to create, and above all – it’s a happy (HAPPY!) place. I feel inspired, and I feel oh-so at home.

Thank you for visiting!

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