Me? I am May. It’s nice to meet you!

Well, hello there. Thought I’d introduce myself and try to keep it quick-ish. Maybe like a speed date or a quick chat in the elevator?

If I had to describe myself – and I’d be reluctant to, I’d tell you that I’m independent, fastidious and extremely detail-oriented. I’m also a bit of an introvert, so I’d probably change the subject. Maybe even with a joke.

Press me for more info, though, and I could tell you the really “important” things about me – some of it in bulleted form, because I’m organized like that.

Meet May Sorum

As far as my design-y self, that’s a bit easier to describe. I’m a coffee-fueled master of spatial relationships. I’d volunteer to pack the spaceship for the mission to Mars if I could. Can I?

Spatial relations are a form of problem solving and one of my most favorite elements of design. Another favorite? Color. I think in color (lots of color). When I’m creating, though – I mostly try to keep this in check.

One thing I can’t keep in check is my doodling. If I’m thinking, I’m doodling. And I think a lot! I draw pictures of any odd thing (clouds, ahem…poop, carrots, you name it), and before I know it – I’ve drawn a face on them too.


And here’s what is really important to me. Whatever it is I’m doodling or designing –whether for fun or for the shop, I have one major goal. I see design as a way to transform big ideas into simple and refined messages and a way to facilitate communication.

That’s the whole idea. My design philosophy, if you will. Write. Draw. Share. More. And I love it. I hope you love it, too.

*(My likes. I promised!): Bubbly type. Chunky type. Slab serifs. Fluorescent colors. CMYK. Anything cute and quirky. White space. Simplicity. Outer space, rocket ships, and aliens. Yummy food (total weakness for french fries!). Camp fires. Sunshine. Technical manuals and blogs – geeky stuff. Heidelbergs. Design. Saltwater fish and coral.
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